Decision Science Technology Laboratory (DST Lab)

The Decision Sciences Technology Laboratory (DST Lab) – a facility with creative layout and the state-of-the-art software and hardware, to conduct research projects and gain hands-on laboratory experience The Decision Sciences Technology (DST) Laboratory was officially opened on 14 March 2013. The objectives of the DST Lab are to facilitate in-class discussions and promote collaborative learning.


The DST Lab is equipped with 32 sets of high performance Personal Computers and two High Definition resolution projectors. Down-viewed LCD monitors are installed to maximise usable space and increase the workplace flexibility. Student seats are arranged in a group of four to facilitate effective discussions and promote cooperative learning in group work.


To aim at promoting learning efficiency and strengthen students’ familiarities of real-life problem-solving tools, DST Lab is equipped with the latest and most popular hardware and a series of SCM-related software, which are commonly used by the industries which include:

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) devices & Software Development Kit (SDK)

Enterprise Resources Planning: SAP® Business One & Kingdee ® K/3

Simulation: Rockwell Arena® Simulation

Process Analysis: Visio® Professional

Statistical Data Analysis: SAS®

Project Management: Microsoft Project

Management Science: Premium Solver® for model optimization

Simio (under a grant from Simio LLC) (www.simio.com)

Virtual Reality and Big Data Analytic Centre (VRBD)

The Virtual Reality and Big Data Analytics Centre (VRBD Centre) has been established to enhance the development in teaching and research, with the support of a fully immersive and interactive visualisation system. This VR system provides vivid stereoscopic 3D view of scenes touching various disciplines, such as supply chain operations, geometrical theories, financial modelling, healthcare logistics operations, and cultural preservation. The facilities will enable students to learn in a multidimensional and more interactive way. https://vrbd.hsu.edu.hk/